Tafsir Surat Al-Kahfi Ayat 66-78 Tentang Adab Murid Kepada Guru Dalam Pendidikan Tasawwuf

  • Moch. Sya’roni Hasan STIT Al Urwatul Wutsqo Jombang


Prophet Moses is a Prophet whose story is quite often mentioned in the Qur'an with all its advantages, from infancy, adolescence, to adulthood and the period of prophethood. When the Prophet Moses was questioned whether at the time of Prophet Moses at that time there was a servant of Allah SWT who had the knowledge and greatness of Science above the Prophet Moses? On the occasion, Prophet Moses spontaneously gave an answer, "no." This means that no one has the equivalent of the Science above. So in the context above, Prophet Moses received a reprimand from Allah SWT, that actually there was also a servant of Allah, who was mentioned by the name al-Khidir, he who had the Knowledge above the Prophet Moses. For the rebuke of Allah SWT, Prophet Moses learned the Knowledge to the Guru al-Khidir at the behest of Allah SWT.

Keywords: Student Attitudes, Sufism Education