Jual Beli Tebasan dengan Sistem Gharar di Desa Curah Kalong Kabupaten Jember

  • M. Alwi Sihab Bashari STIS MIftahul Ulum Lumajang


This study aims to uncover the implementation of the concept of gharar in the practice of buying and selling tebasan rambutan perspective in Islamic law in the Bulkkalong Village, Bangsalsari District, Jember Regency. The research uses descriptive qualitative, methods of data collection by interviewing, observing and documenting and analyzing the stages of data verification, data exposure then drawing conclusions. This research concludes that Gharar in rambutan slash in Ekstkalong Village, Bangsalsari Subdistrict is twofold: Gharar when estimating the number of fruits (gharar ghoiru loading) and gharar in teban Slash (gharar contains when the rambutan is still raw, and gharar is suitable when the rambutan is ripe).

Keywords : Gharar, Buy and sell Slash.