Aplikasi Smart Contract dalam E-Commerce Prespektif Hukum Perjanjian Syariah

  • Dwi Hidayatul Firdaus Fakultas Syariah UIN Maliki Malang


This article discusses characteristics of the smart contract with the laws and regulations concerning contracts, information and electronic transactions in Indonesia, consumer protection and elements of sharia agreements in the sharia maqosid frame. Unlike normal contracts, designed by lawyers, signed by participating parties, and enforced by law, Smart Contract establishes a relationship with cryptographic codes. To find answers to these problems, researchers used a type of normative research with a legislative approach and a conceptual approach to sharia agreements. The result of this research is that Smart Contract is a legal contract and can be applied by referring to regulations concerning the contract, especially the electronic contract by prioritizing the principles of freedom of contract, good faith, mutual respect and benefit.

Keywords: Smart Contract, Blockchain, freedom of contract