Peran Pesantren dalam Pertumbuhan Ekonomi dan Pengembangan Ekonomi Syariah

  • Sutikno Sutikno Fakultas Ekonomi UIN Maliki Malang


This article discusses the role of pesantren in sharia economic growth and economic development. The resources owned by pesantren as an inseparable part of the social system of Muslim communities in Indonesia, the pesantren, also has the potential to play its role in developing the sharia economy in Indonesia. There have been many pesantren that have contributed significantly to economic progress. Finally, it is time for Islamic boarding schools as centers for the development and dissemination of Islamic teachings to make efforts to innovate and strengthen their role in responding to various social problems, especially in the economic field, such as poverty because the achievement of welfare through economic activities is a religious suggestion.

Keywords: Islamic Boarding Schools, Development, Islamic Economics