Iltizamat : Journal Of Economic Sharia Law and Business Studies

Publisher  : Sharia Economic law Study Program, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Syariah Mifathul Ulum Lumajang

Frequency : 2 Issues per year (June and December)

E-ISSN         : 2809-5820

P-ISSN         : 2809-6010

Iltizamat Journal is presented as an effort to promote shariah economic law and  business stueid. Its establishment is aimed to be a scholarly journal with an international reputation. It is intended as a credible place for academicians and researchers across the globe to disseminate their works, studies, papers and other research formats. Iltizamat iournal is in open access format which enables readers to freely access and downloads the articles, it is published by  shariah economic law study program.