Innovation of Mudharabah in Sharia Banking Practice in Indonesia

  • Ahmad Sidi Pratomo Faculty of Syariah, State Islamic University of Maliki Malang
  • Zaim Mukaffi Faculty of Economics, State Islamic University of Maliki Malang


This research aims to discuss how to create mudharabah innovation product by combining fiqh experts’ sights about mutlaqah and muqadayah mudharabah. The Result Of This Study, That is Mudharabah product classified into two types needs to support some innovations. Mutlaqoh mudharabah product and muqayadah mudharabahlook too lettering to implement. Based on the sight of Sayyid Sabiq about mudharabah mutlaqohagreed to Imam Syafi’i and Imam Maliki sight that mudharib freely to manage the business, included time, place, and business scope. However, in the latest condition, sharia bank is challenging to fund mudharabah mutlaqoh because of the significant risk that will face the business. Extremely, Sayyid Sabiq forbidding the implementation of mudharabah muqayadah.

Keywords: Mudharabah, Innovation, Sharia Banking