About the Journal

Al-Ahruf (Journal for Arabic and Linguistics Education) is a journal examines various issues related to Arabic language learning, particularly in the context of schools, Islamic madrasahs, and pesantren. This journal serves as an important platform for discussing and sharing knowledge about Arabic language teaching methods, curriculum development, understanding of Arab culture, Arabic linguistics and literary language, and other relevant topics in Arabic language education.

We sincerely invite scholars, researchers, and professionals with an interest and expertise in Arabic Language Education to actively contribute to this journal. You can participate by conducting original research, producing in-depth studies, or providing scholarly articles that enrich our insights and promote the development of the field of Arabic Language Education. By sharing knowledge and experiences together, we hope that Al-Ahruf (Journal for Arabic and Linguistics Education) can serve as a valuable platform for the advancement of Arabic Language Education.

Official Address :  Jalan Raya Banyuputih Kidul Jatiroto Po. Box. 101  Lumajang 67355 Jawa Timur
Email : jurnalalahruf@gmail.com